MIS Transportation

"Whichever direction you’re headed, we care about getting you there."

About Us


Our Mission and Vision Statement

Our vision is to become the number one kids and family transportation company in the Reno area with an
active presence in key cities all around Northern Nevada.
Our mission as a standard family and corporate transportation company is to develop a highly successful,
a profitable business which provides quality transportation services in our city and to become a standard for an
ideal transportation business, not only in the state of Nevada but also throughout the United States of America

MIS Transportation was a thought that turned into a call of action. Our mission for this business magnified shortly after the 2020 COVID-19 shut down. Transitioning back to in-person school, sports and work was not easy without a “village” to help with transporting. I was happy to be available, willing and able.

Whether it be school, after school care, summer camp or sports practice. MIS Transportation is that resource for the community. This business motivates me because so many working people can’t be in three places at the same time. As a parent you want your kids to be happy, busy and motivated. A friend once told me, movement and staying active is power.