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Scalability for this business is exponential. The more vehicles and staff we have the more we can support our kids and the community. This in turn will increase financial projections and revenue for a great ROI return. We chose a market and industry that everyone comprehends. Any investor who reads our business structure, mission and vision statement, would see that there is a low risk of squandering their investment. Our business structure is for: Parents/guardians, split households, Corporate Executives, Senior communities and state foster agencies like CASA for example.

We are leveraging my leadership professional experience to elevate customer and potential investor interest. SWAT analysis and consumer interest has shown that our community in Northern Nevada wants the help and is willing to pay for the service. Our business model is long term. Kids’ schedules are only getting busier. Corporate executives are traveling more. Families are growing and traveling is ever more frustrating with a lot of bags or a large group. There will always be a need for transportation carriers to accommodate special transportation requests for customers.

Every new starter business has its challenges. Our business will require reliable transportation, excellent liability insurance, and technology tools that are efficient. Funds would go towards a second reliable vehicle and/or winter prep for the existing vehicle. Any extra funds would go towards marketing and legal expenses.